Homesite doesn't work with Extended Header

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Has anyone noticed an issue that when you create a Home Site, if you use an extended header, the local navigation disappears?  We created a Communications site, made it a registered Hub site, created both global and local navigation, selected extended header.  Over the weekend we ran script to make this site the Home Site.  Everything worked fine, except, when selecting the extended header, the local navigation disappears, global navigation shows up below the site logo instead of at the top..  when you scroll down the page, the local navigation all of sudden shows up.  When i revert to compact header, both global and local navigation show up.. but now i can't upload a header/banner...  I was able to duplicate this on our test environment.  I have submitted a MS ticket...  Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

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So Microsoft product team indicated that this is "as designed"???? So we go to the trouble to create a nice header using extended and then it doesn't work? Why would it be by design to only show a local navigation once someone has scrolled down the page without any reference to what is on the page? This makes no sense from a UX or UI perspective.

I had the same "problem" which may not be a problem if "as designed". I did not even know that the local navigation pops up if you scroll down, but yes it does. Very strange I agree. Very dissapointing because I spent an entire afternoon matching up the new header with our brand colours and added a GIF for good measure only to find the same problem, no local navigation! It looked so stunning as well, now I have to can it. In the images and video presentations for "Contoso" in all the examples I see both navigations. Not sure how they manage that then?