Home Site Vs Team Site for News Hub

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Is there any added-value in posting company news in a Home site for news vs. a (org-wide) Team site that has already been established as a news hub?


Since we can source news articles from the Team site into our new Home Site, I have told my colleagues to continue posting in the Team site as they always have.  Is there any reason we should change that practice?

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@atrain204 By default, a home site is set as the organizational news source. News posts that are created from the home site automatically become official organizational news and take priority on the SharePoint start page and in the home section of the SharePoint mobile app.


Also, you can use the home site as intranet in your Microsoft teams (Viva connections). Check more information about home site & it's benefits at: Plan, build, and launch a home site for your organization 

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@atrain204 in the end, i guess it depends on which works best for your users and organization. but if you're looking for comparisons between using the two and what benefits you can get from each, you can check this resource out: Work Smarter, Not Harder: When to Use SharePoint vs. Microsoft Teams (avepoint.com) 

Hope it helps!