Home Site Extended Header Does Not Show for Site Readers

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I have a hub site configured as a home site that is using Extended Navigation with a background image.  The navigation style is mega-menu. There are several issues with this new feature:

1. When navigating from the home to an associated site, the hub navigation does not always appear until the page is refreshed.


2. When returning to the home from an associated site, the navigation appears at the top and bottom of the header until the page is refreshed.


3. Site Visitors cannot see the mega menu navigation. All they see is a [...] ellipses. Once they click the ellipses button the nav is visible, but this is not the intended use experience. It is not an acceptable solution to give these users Manage List rights to use the navigation as designed. Seems like an obvious bug?

Please advise. As it stands, I cannot use this feature on client sites.  

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Well, that's totally unexpected and there is not much you can do here apart from open a ticket so Microsoft support can look into it

@aoldring Were you able to find a resolution to this? We are experiencing something similar. However it's more random for us and hard to reproduce.