Home site as a Hub?

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I am trying to define the use case of making our home site a hub to control look and feel .  I know we can, I am asking if we should? Some questions about search and the SharePoint App bar etc... 


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@David Lowe 

If you want to use hub site as a home site, you can use it without any problem. Check how to Set up a home site in SharePoint Online .


Also, it's your choice which navigation you want to show in SharePoint app bar global navigation. You can either show home site navigation or hub site navigation. Even you can choose to create your own navigation from scratch to show in global navigation. Check all available options for global navigation at: Enable and Customize Global navigation in the SharePoint app bar 


You can find more information about SharePoint app bar & global navigation at: Introducing a SharePoint app bar that features global navigation 

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I discovered, what I would consider a major flaw by Microsoft when you have a Home Site that is also a Hub site and you enable Global Navigation.

When this scenario exists, there is no way to have a separate Global Navigation from your Hub Site navigation.

I don't understand why this would be designed this way? I need separate Hub navigation at the top of the site, and a unique Global Navigation for all of the rest of the SharePoint environment. But, because my Hub site is also configured as the environments Home Site, both navigations become the same.

Guess I need to check User Voice and see if this has been suggested or any potential road map to fix this.