home.aspx (list webpart) load all items from the list

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I have a site homepage with a list of around 400 items on it. 

The list is set to Autosize - fit the number of items. 

Whilst this is true, all items are present, I have two issues I need help with. 


1. How do I place a list web part that fills the page, below you can see there is a scrollbar within in the page page. I need all items to load in full, not with a confined space. 


2. How can I get the list to load all items in the table and not just where I am on the page. For example I have an item at the end of the list, if I do a F3 on the page, the item is not found until I have scrolled to the bottom of the page. It's like the items are loaded in batches.  



I've been through all the list settings and webpart settings but cannot see any option to change the behavior.   

We are using SPO. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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