Ho much data can be stored in a single library?

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We have a client with about 20gs of data in SharePoint. They have a legacy folder sitting on an old Naz box with 500gb of data. This is old documents and will be accessed only occasionally by a single member of staff. They want to put it into SP. I can create a new site collection for this but my question is .... can this much data go into a single library? They will be using a simple folder structure.  I have seen the figure of 30 million docs in a library but how does that equate to data.


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@Victoria Symons 20GB of data should not be a problem to store in a single document library, provided that the SharePoint site has that much storage allocated to it in the Admin Center.


There is a 5,000 item threshold for list views, meaning that if you have a list that shows more than 5,000 items, performance can become sluggish. There are ways to remedy this or work around it, as explained here.


But yeah, as for the 20GB, that shouldn't be a problem at all. More info on SharePoint Limits here.