Highlighted Content WebPart with Page Library CAML Query across Site Collections

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Hi All,


I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using the Highlighted Content webpart to query other Page Libraries in other site collections?

I have a Site Collection with a Pages Library and have added 2 custom column types.



  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Technical



  • Director
  • Dept. Manager
  • Sales Rep
  • Other Employee


I can use the below CAML query on the site collection with the Pages Library but when I try to query the Page Library from another site collection I don't get any results?


Do I need to specify the PageLibrary in some way in the CAML query?



<FieldRef Name='BusinessRole' />
<Value Type='Choice'>Director</Value>
<FieldRef Name='BusinessFunction' />
<Value Type='Choice'>Sales</Value>


I hope you can assist! :)


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