Highlighted Content Web Part Not Recognizing Columns

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I'm trying to use the Highlighted Content web part on a page and I am not using custom code. 


Source: A document library on this site



Filter: Column Name





I have tried making new columns (+ column) and from columns inside library settings. No matter what kind of column I create, the web part won't recognize it. It just returns all documents - not regarding the column I'm trying to highlight. What am I doing wrong? I have done this before and it worked on other sites. The past 2 sites I've tried this on, it hasn't worked. 

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@tarahray  - I am also having issues with Highlighted Content not working as expected. I even tried to set to "Contains" instead of "Equals" and still does not pull the files specific to the set filters I have set. I noticed that this issue started about 3 days for me.


Hopefully, this is a small glitch and will resolve itself soon but if not, hopefully enough people will notify Microsoft and this can be reviewed by them sooner than later.

Is anyone going to look at this? It's a MAJOR issue for our organization right now as we're building sites, went to all the trouble of tagging everything and its pointless without this feature. Thanks for any help anyone can provide!