Highlighted content web part bug

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We figured out that the 'Highlighted content web part' does not show all pages from site pages when the default view is 'Created By Me'. The Highlighted content web part' does only show all pages if the standard view is 'All pages'. We have defined the 'Created By Me' view as the default view for site page as we have 400+ editors which should be able the see theire pages without filtering in the 'All Pages' view to theire user name. Therefore, we can not define the 'All pages' view as the default view of the site.


Feedback from Microsoft Support: 

Highlighted content web part will show only those values which are tagged by you this is the expected behavior because highlighted content web part  is pulling up values from pages library as view show only those value for the pages which are Created by you. We are unable to provide you any work around.


--> Sorry that makes no sense for the customers in a global intranet with many editors which create content tagges with the same properties!!!



The actually powerful 'Highlighted content web part' is not useful with the mentioned limitation which actually makes no sense from the editor perspective. 


What should be changed?

The configuration of the content selection should be independed from the default view/views. We want to filter all pages to a specific selection based on its properties independent from the content creator. 



Has anyone of the community experienced this limitations?

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