Highlighted Content and Custom Content Types

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I have built a couple of hub site families with the wonderful sp-starter-kit. 


Now I want to create company articles that can appear anywhere. Plan A , I created a content type in the default content type hub, with a parent type of Site Page (which is used in news on the modern pages)



This I published to make it available to all my hub, comms and team sites.


I have added a couple of articles in separate hub sites with the above content type set as the default . This meant I had some mandatory page property values to enter.


Now, I come to the Highlighted Content properties and it looks like it only deals with OOTB content types .i.e a read only dropdown with no filtering on all content types. Is this the case or is there a "PnP" way around this restriction? 


Plan B, I added a managed metadata site column to document libraries, hosted on  a separate hub site families. This time as I am not attempting to filter on a content type, everything works ok

Highlighted conent just filtering on a managed property.PNG



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