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Need to hide all below on list and library. How can this be achieved?



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Hi, you can hide the New, Upload, and Quick Edit buttons in a document library by assigning users Read only permissions to the library.  This can be done from Library Settings > Permissions for this Document Library.  Break inheritance to create unique permissions, then when setting access, you can choose Select a Permission level, and choose Read.  The result for the affected users will be as below;


Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 07.42.51.png

To hide the Sync button, you need to go to  Library Settings > Advanced Settings and switch the Offline Client Availability to Off


Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 07.44.07.png


Tracking.....now for the finale......how can Export to Excel, Power Automate and PowerApps be hidden?

Just want the customer to see list data only.


Thanks for the speedy response and sending a pic of the other issue on that  feed.





Hi, I'm afraid there is no supported way to remove the remaining buttons from the bar.



This solution does indeed work but note 2 things.
1 - You'll need to install SharePoint PnP for this particular command
2 - These changes are made at the site level, not the library level. Thus disabling them via this command does so for all lists / libraries



Thanks so much!

@Steven Andrews 


OK. Something to think about.


You can add an style , target the label area and affect him a display:none but you need to use a application customizer. If you want more details. You can ask.