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Hi guys,


Is there any way i can hide/disable "Export to excel" function in the modern experience ? The reason behind this is because my users are exporting the data for no reason, just because they are more familiar with excel, instead of working directly on the list.


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Hi, you could deactivate the Excel Services in the one shared site. Go to your site settings, then click to site features. There you can disable it. Unfortunately the button in the ribbon can’t be hidden. Or you check your group permissions. There is a permission level called „read only“. Greets, Eva

Hi ,

Are you talking about this feature ? Because i disable it and no luck. I try to the read permission as well and nothing......

SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features

Features such as Visio Services, Access Services, and Excel Services Application, included in the SharePoint Server Enterprise License.


Hi @Florin Albu,

There are no options to manipulate the ribbon or a single button on it, neither in Modern Layout nor in classic Layout, if you don't want to manipulate the masterpage.aspx and this is very dangerous. I am sorry.


BUT: You can click to install and create a new default sharepoint form for your list with POWERAPPS.


After you clicked it, PowerApps (available on Office 365 E1 and higher i guess) opens in another tab to create automatically a new form with the fields you have already in your list! If you click back to the previous tab, your list has got 3 or 4 options in that ribbon and thus you can only work within powerapps form, without the modern ribbon. But it is then only a new view to change for your list view. Pls. check and see the different views then in the top right of that list view and change back to "all items".


You can find your form settings in clicking on the gear -> LIst settings -> Form Settings.


There you can also change back to the default aspx form if you dont like your powerapps form. But I highly recommend this in every case because then you can decide, whitch action is performed on which button you created it for.


Thus no excel export button, if you don´t want it.


Greets, Eva.

@Florin AlbuTried a lot of things like permissions and list settings and still couldn't get the button away. If I can read the elements, they also go to Excel, even if RPC authorization in the permissions is off.

Hi, @Tomislav Karafilov


You can get rid of this Export to Excel button in ribbon, if you grant users custom permission level which doesn't have the below permissions:
1. Use Remote Interfaces - Use SOAP, Web DAV, the Client Object Model or SharePoint Designer interfaces to access the Web site.
2. Use Client Integration Features - Use features which launch client applications. Without this permission, users will have to work on documents locally and upload their changes.


Hence, after creating this custom permission level, go to the list settings --> Permissions --> break inheritance, and then grant the users only this custom permissions level. Once done, these users won't see the option in the ribbon anymore.

Note: If users have Limited Access permission assigned to them in the list, they will still be able to see the Export to Excel option, as Limited Access permission enables this option...


However, please note that users can still connect to the list if they make this connection from Excel --> Import Data from SharePoint