Hide Navigation/Title Bar on NewForm.aspx page


Below is a screenshot of a NewForm.aspx page where we need to hide everything on the page other than the actual form (e.g. Quick Launch, Top Navigation Bar, Title Bar/Ribbon, Search Box, etc.)


I have found some code that successfully hides the Quick Launch, however, is it possible to hide everything else that is within the red section?


We can keep the Office 365 ribbon at the top, it is just everything within the red section.


download (1).png

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Well, bearing in mind you are working with the classic experience (I wonder why), this is something you can absolutely do with some client side programming

The list is set to Modern Experience, however as we have added some code (via Script Editor web part) on the NewForm.aspx page (to split the form into sections, hide Quick Launch, hide certain fields, etc.), only the the NewForm.aspx page is in Classic Experience, not the whole list. I just need some help on how to remove the sections highlighted in my original post.

@Sam1209 As Juan mentioned, since you have customized the newform page. You should be able to use simple css and/or js to hide those control in your page.