Hide List column based on another list of values

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Is it possible to conditionally format a column in a list if the value is not present in a separate list?

I.e the full requirement..

- I have a list of users called Access_list column =User

- In the main list Report_Gallery I am using for my gallery view.
-If the logged in user is in the Access_list I want to show a button with a url link to an output
-If not in the Access_List show a button "Request Access".

The only bit I can't work out is to conditionally check if the logged in user is in a separate list in this case = Access_List

Any help appreciated
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@AndyFisher you would need to run a flow in Power Automate with the trigger "when an item is created or modified", loop through the other list with a get items filter query based on the user email and then have a condition that runs with a "configure after"  the get items is both successful and failed. If it's successful update the column in your first list with the link, if failed update the list with the Request Access link. A bit fiddly.


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Thanks Rob
Will give something like that a spin