hide formula on new entry form gives wrong today date

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i have a list column with a date field that i hide when a new item is created.

=if([$Status]=='Pending','false', 'true')

the date field is set to default value "today´s date".

when i create  a new item the date field is hidden but when i save it, it writes the wrong time.

the time is always the full hour next (ex. if time is 9:23 it shows 10 ecc.)

whithout the hide formula (date field is visible creating a new item) the time is ok.

what is wrong?


tx for any help


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I tried this on my SharePoint tenant & I can reproduce this issue.

Below are my test results, where both dates have default value set to "Today's date":


Conditional date column with today's date.PNG


I will suggest you to see if your regional settings are different than regional settings of SharePoint site.

For more information, check below documentations:

  1. Change your personal language and region settings
  2. Change regional settings for a site

If that does not solve your issue, Contact Office Support or Get support.

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i changed the settings. for the online profile and local.
but non result.
by the way local settings were ok. online settings also.
i changed them still to the europe settings.
but always wrong date.
i waited for about 2 hours that the settings takte effekt.

regards kurt