Hide columns in list form using a "Content Type"

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I have a Sharepoint list that looks like this:


My boss asked me to use a "Content Type" in order to hide the "Edit item" and "Workflow" columns in the add/modify item form. : 


However, I have no idea how to do it this with a "Content Type". Can you help me please? :(
Thanks in advance !
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Did they maybe mean that in the settings of the list?
** Forgot to mention you need to go to Advance Settings and allow for management of content types first. Then you'll see the content type in the settings. **

There you can see the content type. Click it to see the columns within the content type. Select the column you are looking to hide. In the next screen you'll see the column settings allows you to hide the column and it will not appear in the form.

@444456464 Kind of late, but if you're still looking for an answer: Does the form not have an 'Edit Columns' link at the bottom?


Clicking that will open a panel to allow you to uncheck any columns/fields that you want hidden: