Hide columns for certain content type in view in Sharepoint online

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Hi all,

I have following scenario:

- I have created view on document library with folders and documents.

- I would like to hide some columns for folders, but make them visible for documents. 

Is this possible in sharepoint online?


Thank you,


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Well, you could try to do this with different view...but definitively this is something you cannot do in a single view



Although this thread is a few month's old, you could always create a custom Content Type for the folders.  You can also tag folders in Quick Edit view with metadata values.


Take a look at 'Option 2' on this SharePoint Maven page:



This way you could filter/create a new view to hide certain columns.  That may work.


Be aware that folder metadata does not propagate to the files underneath - so you can end up with different metadata values for the folder & the files within it.