Hide author/editor in Highlighted content web part

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Is there a way to hide author/editor in Highlighted content web part?

If not, are there any plans on updating this web part to include this feature?

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All the configuration options for that Web Part are provided in the Web Part settings panel, so if what you need is no there then you don't have support for this scenario. For new improvements in SPO check the Microsoft 365 roadmap
We are also needing the ability to add/remove columns from view, and importantly, have the document preview in the grid show it's Document Library origin. Keen to hear on any development for the Highlighted Content webpart.
Has there been any update on this? I would like to remove the author from the web part
Is there any update on this?


This piece of code removes it - insert as a Modern Script Part


<style type="text/css">

.ms-DocumentCardTile .ms-DocumentCard:not(.ms-DocumentCard--compact) .ms-DocumentCardActivity {
Visibility:hidden !important;


Hi @Stephan_Leistra,

the "Highlighted Content Webpart" is basically just a search webpart with a fixed search term.

If you have some requirements that are not doable with the "Hightlighted Content Webpart" out of the box then you can  use the "Search Results" webpart from the "Modern Search Webparts"

and customize it to your needs.

Here you can either tweak the search query to select and sort differently or configure the display templates as you like. (Even enter your own HTML if you like)

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@Stephan_Leistra Thanks for bringing this up. I have the same request. Just to give a little more fuel to this fire, the addition of the name is absurd. In the case of a file, it doesn't represent the person who created or owns the file but the person who uploaded. The biggest reason we see the need is that the person listed may no longer be with the company for good or bad reasons. Seeing that person's name listed can be a huge slap in the face to the organization. 


I appreciate the idea suggesting for custom apps but for most our organization, we have to use out of the box apps.

Is there a way this query can be edited so that it only removed the author's name and not all the information displayed on the card? My site is used as a knowledge base so is made up of different site pages, I want the most recently updated pages to show on the home screen but not the authors/editors name displayed.