Hide a list from "My Lists" for users who are not owners

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Please give list owners the ability to hide a list from My Lists on the SharePoint App Bar. This should be a setting in the list settings. We have lists that have been created to display information on a SharePoint page in a certain way, and others that are the data source of a PowerApp, that users need read access to, and in some cases, edit access to. But, we do not want them to access the list out of context. 


After enabling the SharePoint App Bar on our corporate intranet, users are now seeing lists in their My Lists view that make no sense to them.

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You can use Set-PnP list to hide the list, but you won't be able too see it as an owner either... You can direct access it from the URL thou:

#Site URL where SharePoint List Exist 

$SiteURL = "https://test.sharepoint.com"  

#List name that you want to hide 

$ListName = "yourList"  

#Connect to PNP Online 

Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -UseWebLogin  

#Hide the list using PnP PowerShell  

Set-PnPList -Identity $ListName -Hidden $true Disconnect-PnPOnline   


Another option is to have the list in another site collection or Save the data using Power Automate 

I use the solution above and then create a page with quick links so I can access the hidden pages.