Hi I am looking to find the average percentage of columns based on how many units I have in another

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Hi I am looking to add up all of my 'Score' columns and then divide it by my 'Items' column to get an average percentage 


ItemsScore 1Score 2Score 3Score 4Score 5Average Score


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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@iDylBan94 Your Score 1, Score 2... columns should be number columns set as %. Then you need 2 calculated columns:


Items: the formula to count the number of columns that have a percentage value is shown below. Set it to 0 decimal places:

=IF(ISBLANK([Score 1]),0,1)+IF(ISBLANK([Score 2]),0,1)+IF(ISBLANK([Score 3]),0,1)+IF(ISBLANK([Score 4]),0,1)+IF(ISBLANK([Score 5]),0,1)


Average Score:  to do the average set the data type to be a number with 1 decimal place and show as percentage:
=([Score 1]+[Score 2]+[Score 3]+[Score 4]+[Score 5])/Items




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