help with SharePoint List Square with question mark in currency field

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Hello all,


 i keep getting on an existing Sharepoint list  black squared question marks con my currency format,

anybody have an idea on how to fix this ?





Thank you for the help 






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Nevermind, it was just a bug, i fixed but changing type to number and back :)

Hi @Miguel_Araque !


I actually have the same issue today! 

I tried changing the type of columns from number to text to number again, it worked (and somehow worked also on the other affected columns). 

However, I just added new columns and the bug came out again... but only on the two columns that I haven't touched yet




Also, on my side, it seems to be happening only on figures above 1000. 

I thought it was due to how I added to data (with a copy paste on several lines on the grid mode), and I had also tried to refill one element by hand (somehow when I clicked on modifying into each element, it seemed as though the fields were blank. Now it seems ok. 

But my original data (from excel) didn't have any space between hundreds. 

When I modified the figures, making sure i didn't add anything between hundreds, it still gave me the question mark icon. 


Really weird thing.

I'm always having issues with Sharepoint, but never of this kind!