Help with Microsoft Lists - I am totally stuck!

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So I have a Microsoft List with approx 60 items.  Each item is grouped by Zone and has 1 x image.  I now need to share this list with people outside of our organisation - and have come totally stuck.  So far I have tried :


  • Sharing the link with the person outside our organisation.  This works fine - except the images do not show up (just the filename).  I really need the images to be shown.
  • Printing as a PDF.  There does not seem to be an option to export to a PDF :facepalm:, but of course I can print from the browser.  However - images are often split across a page.  No control over page breaks.
  • Exporting as a .csv.  No images included
  • Power Bi.  Seems far too powerful for what I need.  Also, I don't think it is included in our licence and I won't be able to get our company to pay for it.  Such a simple thing - why would they?
  • Looked at Formatting a view with JSON - but doesn't resolve page break issue
  • Back to printing the PDF - I set up a view to show batches of items at a time so I can print say 4 items at a time (which would fit on 1 page).  I could then manually combine them into a single PDF document. But unbelievably that option does not seem to work.  I have found posts from 3 years ago explaining that that feature is broken and suggesting we tell Microsoft :facepalm:

Seriously - never found anything so simple, so hard.

Any tips or advice greatly appreciated.



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@apndavies Any help with this much appreciated.....