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Hi all,

Im fairly new to Sharepoint and I'm learning about JSON formatting but i have a situation that has me a bit confused, hopefully you can help me clarify.


I have a list of outsource personnel. In that list i have 3 columns. "Name", "Start Date", and "End Date". (Name is a text field and start and end dates are date fields).


I have second "Lab" list where I'm trying some stuff and I've created one lookup column named "_Name" where im grabbing the name of the my outsource personnel list and I'm also showing the two dates columns now under _Name:Start Date and _Name:End Date.


I also created (on the lab list) another date type column named "test" and i just want to display the content of the lookup "_Name:Start Date" column as a date (im just practicing some stuff btw)

So basically this is what i have



   "$schema": "",
   "elmType": "div",
   "txtContent": "=Date([$_Name_x003a_Start_Date.lookupValue])"


Under test i see a date, BUT its showing the date of 12/31/1969 19:00:00 instead of the date i have populated 06/21/2021 17:00:00.

As far as i know im just converting the value from _Name:Start Date into a date format, but i dont know why am i getting a different date.

Any clues about what could the be problem?

thanks in advance

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You cannot use the extended columns in lookup in JSON formatting. You can only use the lookupId & lookupValue (Main value - Name).


From documentation

The lookup field object has the following properties (with example values):


   "lookupId": "100",
   "lookupValue": "North America",


You can only use the value of column you selected in lookup settings - In this column:


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