Help with data connection in InfoPath to a large S/P list

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I created a form that references a list. That list has 1580 items.   It has 4 columns that I need to bring into my form.  When I first deployed the form it worked fine. I tested it and no issues with bringing up the data connection.  Fast forward a month and the client finally got around to trying to test it.  It isn't working and the data connection is slowing it to a crawl or making it not work.


I have added the 'refresh' button but that only works to bring up one field. The references for the other fields won't work when using the refresh button.  I'm not sure how to get those to work.  For example, when they select ITEM A it brings up Org, City, & State.  This is a requirement.  I attempted to use an XML reference but that also doesn't bring up the Org, City & State. It only brings up ITEM A. 


I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I'm not a programmer so I need something that works.  


I hope someone can help.  Thank you in advance!

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may be this Link can help you:


Do you have "default value" calculations in your form?


I hope this would help.


I guess I do since the other fields populate dynamically.  They are calculated fields based on what the user selects.  I had read this page on Wednesday and thought it didn't apply to me but now as I re-read it (in quiet) perhaps this is what is happening.  


Thank you. I will test this and see if I can get the rules to work.



it is always hard to have a large list in Infopath. but what you could do is index the columns you want to query with your infopath solution. this speeds up the get of the items.



Thanks, Paul. I haven't ever done that but will research that and see if I can do that.

Hi, @Jennifer Gonzalez 

Was hoping if you have found a solution for this issue as im also experiencing the same.



This was from 2017 so I cannot remember - I'm sorry!  4 years is a long time for my old memory.  :\