Help Needed: SharePoint 365 Search Field Issue with Partial Name Matching

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I have set up SharePoint 365 in my organization. Within it, I have created a phone directory list with email addresses and other details. Since there are many people working in the organization, it's easier and more efficient to search for a name. However, the search field is set to exact text matching. For instance, if I search for "Vic" instead of "Victor," no results are displayed. Do you have any suggestions on how to address this issue? I appreciate in advance any help you can provide me.

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Hello @arturmafezzoli


how have you created this directory. In this example i have created it with PnP Modern Search Web Parts:


With this query:

{searchTerms}* workemail:mehr365





I can found me with partial search "dav":



Regards, Dave


Unfortunately, I am unable to install new applications. Our company operates under a hierarchical structure, with the parent company above us. I tried discussing the matter with the SharePoint administration team, but they refused to grant access since the tenant is shared by two states. If access were granted to us, it would have to be provided to everyone.

Do you have any other suggestions, perhaps?

Hello @arturmafezzoli 


how have you created your directory? PrintSceens?


Best, Dave

@David Mehr


I apologize for the wait. Today has been a busy day. I captured some screenshots to help you better understand. I will number them for easier reference.


The first screenshot shows the phones website, organized in a list.



In the second screenshot, the link I mentioned above the page is displayed, available only to our group (IT).



When searching for "Rodrigo," the result is presented.



However, if I type only "Rod" in the search field, no results are displayed.



Best Regards,

Hello @arturmafezzoli 


it's not possible to change the behaviour of this list search. The best is, you can open a ms ticket or create a user voice.


You can create your own Microsoft Search Verticals or redirect it to a custom search page, but not more.


Here you can find more about Microsoft Search:


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr  the search will give you result if you put vic*... try this




Thanks for your time and help.

On your site I did not find anything related to research. Can you share the direct link?
I had already read about the *, however, in mine it did not work.