Help Needed Removing (Demoting, Un-promoting) News Items

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I have recently added a news web part on a modern page  in SharePoint Online (Page A).  It will display my department's Announcements. 

A separate subsite (Site B) was created to store all of the site pages that will ultimately display as department announcements on Page A. 

This is where anyone authorized to post an announcement will go to spin up a new page without needing edit access to Page A.

The homepage of Page B has a News Web part where the announcement Pages are added as News LINKS.


So, adding News works fine.


Need help removing these items though.  Here's some facts...


1.  I cannot simply delete the pages.  They'll be needed for historical purposes in the future.  

2.  I have created a new view that includes PROMOTED STATE, but am unable to edit the value (cannot change from 2 to 0) in Quick Edit.

3.  I am unable to edit the view so that it groups by the Column PROMOTED STATE.  So I can't simply drag and drop from one group to the other.


It would be helpful to give users a way to demote/un-promote a news page without requiring them to access Site Contents or the Site Pages folder.


Any ideas on how this can be accomplished would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



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You have to edit the default view, save it over itself, refresh the page, then use quick edit before you can change promoted state. At least it still works for me. Someone posted awhile back some issues with this, and if you are infact using subsites for these it could be that. Try what I said, then try to add a news article to the parent site and see if you can demote there using the method as well to rule out subsite issue.

@Chris Webb  I just tried adding the column (Promoted State) to the default view of All Pages.  I saved it over itself but even in quick edit (after refreshing) I was unable to edit the field.  This is a Subsite.  What impact might that have?

A lot. Subsites are not recommended anymore you’ll run into odd issues like this. Hub sites are the recommended approach.

I’d try it on a root comm site and see if you can edit that.