Help Needed - Grabbing text in between delimeters

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Hi all,

I have a power app that is pushing data to a SharePoint list. The data is being scanned in using a barcode scanner. I am trying to write a calculation for a column to automatically grab the data between a specific delimeter. This needs to be done in two separate columns for two separate sections of the value.


An example of the data is:  =+03000=W40562400929900=<V0108000=>024074


I need the value after the second "=" delimeter and before the next "=" delimeter (W40562400929900) in one column.


For the second column, I need the value after "=<" and before "=>" (V0108000).


Any help would be appreciated. I have tried several variations from articles I have read using Right, Left, and Len, but have been unable to fully comprehend the syntax to make adjustments to what I need.

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@Buckets84 I've had to do something like this before, pulling multiple different strings between delimiters in the filename and putting those strings into specific fields in a SharePoint List. My own solution was to run a Power Automate flow on new list entries, using the function "split" to extract specific strings, and then create an output that mapped to specific file properties (in the SharePoint List). I believe you can create a Flow right in PowerApps now. Check out the Power Fx formula reference and see if this might work for your scenario. (

@Buckets84 Try using formulas like below:


First column/output




Second column/output




Where lblInputString.Text is your input string data which you want to split.



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