Help creating a link that opens OneNote in the APP that is hosted on SharePoint

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I have a notebook that is hosted on a SharePoint site.


I have several coworkers that have to move around from PC to PC depending on where they are assigned each week. Currently each time they move to a different area they are required to open the hyperlink to the OneNote and then select the "Open In App" to get it to populate in the regular app for them. 


Does anyone have a solution where I can leave a shortcut that opens directly to the app so they can skip the "open in app" step. My co-workers aren't particularly computer savvy and that one extra step is hanging a lot of them up. 

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If anyone come across this I figured it out:

1. Open the notebook in one note.
2. In the upper left where you select your book right click and select "Copy link to this notebook"
3. Past this link into notepad. There will be two links. Copy the one that reads like this:
4. Create a shortcut on your desktop and past this link in. This link should launch directly to one note instead of to your browser.