Help! Can’t see followed SharePoint’s site

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Hi everyone,

I’m the admin of my company.
We jump into SharePoint Online because of the COVID-19.
I Made few site but only one site has some trouble... you can follow it but you can’t find it in the followed site list.
More, on PowerPoint, Word or Excel, you can’t save directly in because it’s not purpose! You can see all the SharePoint you are member but not this one.
I made it un March and today, it’s still not présent...
But when you Search it on the SharePoint toolsearch you can see it and Go in it!

Someone knows why and how? I made all the SharePoint site with the same setting.

I’m not the owner of these site but the administrator.

Thank you.

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I am also having the same issue with only one of my SharePoint sites. I can favorite a site and it shows up in the list of favorites but one of them never shows up in either the favorites or frequent lists.


As @GregfromRennes said, searching for the site works and the site is accessible if you type in the URL but doesn't show in SharePoint site or if you try to move files from OneDrive. I am sure this was working a few weeks ago because i know i used it before.



Hi, @JasonC-Invera 


I found the problem, there's a difference betwenn sharing and being Member.

All the member has been invited by a sharing link but they won't be in the Member's Group.

I add them all in the Member's group and now they can follow this site and open a file in Office from this site.