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we're having the following question. We are currently rolling out our intranet with several subsites for our Teams all combined in a Hubsite. Let's say we have the team site "Sales" and the team site "Marketing" and we publish a news post on the "Sales" site which however is also relevant for our members of the "marketing" team site, we'd like to make this news post available to the marketing members without having to add a new (identical) news post in the marketing team site.


Is there any possibility to make this happen? Currently we have many posts, posted in one team site that we would like to make available in other teams too (but not all). We currently see no other option as having to publish the same news post in all the different team sites. Besides the fact that this is tedious, this leads to the fact that if you do not remember in which teams the same content has been posted and it is updated in one of the team you encounter the risk that the news post remains unchanged in the other teams which would lead to different information being published in the different teams which is what we want to avoid.


I'd be glad to find out how you are coping with probably similar issues.

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Hi @Oliver_Schneeberger, yes this is very easy with the news web part. You can select news from the current site, news from all sites in the hub or select the specific sites you want news to be shown from. News can flow up from the subsites to the top level site and cascade down from the top site to the sites in the hub. So you only need to publish a news item once.


The one issue we have been having over the last week or so is that sometimes the image from a news item on another site doesn't display in the web part. Hopefully that will get fixed shortly.







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@RobElliott : I'm not sure if this is exactly what I want. Let's say I have a news item published in our HR Teamsite about maternity leave and would like this specific news item to also be published in our Finances Teamsite, but only this specific news item about maternity leave. I find no option of doing this. I would basically whish that the news item shows along with all the other news items published by and in the Financials Team(site). Is there a way of doing this or did I just get your explanation wrong?

Thank you so much for your help! Best regards,

@Oliver_Schneeberger one way to do this is to post a news link on your financial site, pointing to the HR post you want to emphasize. Its still a manual decision but at least you only have to write the news once

when you post a news link, it creates a local news page that redirects to the given link post


it sort of negates the beauty of posts automatically showing up where they are needed. But maybe in this case the financial site can have a separate ‘curated’ news web part so to speak that is manually driven by entries of links to news that might not be shown otherwise

@Robin Nilsson Hi Robin, thanks for this! One question before I try it out? How about the permissions? By posting the news link will the financial team members have access to the HR team news post despite the fact that they are not a team member of the HR teamsite?


Looking forward to hear from you! Thanks a lot!

@Oliver_Schneeberger thats the problem- linking to a news post in another site doesnt change any permissions. The original post has to be already accessible. Do you have an HR site that's readable by everyone? Make the post there, then you can link to ir from anywhere


as we are building out our intranet, I find I may need two sites. One that is the team site, accessible to just that team (they can post their internal news). Then a matching communication site that allows read by everyone, posting news that is more public

This worked to display the news! awesome! Is it possible to get the news from the subsite to post on the main site Teams app General channel thru the SharePoint News connector?

@Paul_Ordonez you can either view it by adding a SharePoint tab to your tabs in the general channel. Or you can do as we do which is to post an adaptive card directly into the general channel chat with a flow in Power Automate, triggered by a JSON-formatted button in the Sitep Pages library. I described the steps to do this here.


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