Have list item inherit start time based on the time I select in a weekly calendar view.

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(First time poster, so let me know if this is in the incorrect board please. )


In SharePoint lists, we have a list that we use primarily as a calendar. We always use the weekly view. When looking at the weekly calendar view, if you click a blank spot on the calendar it will open the editor to create a new list item.


1. Is there a way to have the start time of that new item auto-fill based on where the user has clicked on the weekly calendar?

Ex: In the screenshot below I clicked on the 2pm-2:30pm block on the calendar, which opened the New item popup. Could I assign my Start Time field to inherit 2pm on May 26th by default?


2. Is it possible to have the end time auto fill to be 1hr after the start time? This would save some keystrokes and would allow it to display on the calendar properly. Currently the user has to enter an end time manually as well.


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Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 5.16.47 PM.png

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Regarding issue no.1. After speaking with some of my staff, we think that this feature did exist and worked up until this week. Perhaps this is a bug?

Hi, I also use SharePoint lists as a calendar with the weekly view and noticed the same issue when clicking a blank spot. After discussing this with an expert, I learned that it's a known limitation. One workaround that was suggested is to switch to the daily view to add new items more easily and then switch back to the weekly view for an overview. It's not perfect, but it helps manage the calendar better. Hope this helps!



I have the same issue on the daily view unfortunately.

This has always worked correctly in sharepoint online. Now with the new list view it is unfortunately broken. VERY frustrating ......