Have I missunderstand everything?


I´m starting to feel very frustrated and start to doubt myself and the structure I´m building for our organisation.

We use Sharepoint Online.


We have a common site which should be the portal for employees.

We have a team site for our customers that are in the building renting equipment, rooms and services.


Then I set up several Team sites for several functions this is a couple for example.
Administration team

Facility and equipment team (the guys that takes care of the building)


Somewhere I am thinking that we have

A list with all the rooms in the building containing alot of information. This for me is a master list that I want to join to other lists.

A list of all equipment that contains information and dates of service etc. Contains a lookup column so we can choose a room where the equipment is stored.

A list with rental contracts for the rooms. Contains a lookup for room.


I just cant get my head around where I should keep these lists.

For me the logical thing is that the Room list and equipment list is in the facility and equipment Team site and the contracts list are in the administration team because that is how it works in real life.

But as everyone know we can´t use a lookup across sites like that.


Also if I have a Team site with one library and want people to access it I can give them permissions to it and they can access the library in a nice looking view but there is know way to navigate back again. No quick launch where I can add a link. Right now I have to give them access to the site and then remove permissions to everything that they should not see.

Sure I can use a webpart on their page but for a library with many columns it´s just not good looking.


Like I said, have I missunertand everything on how to set this up or are many basic functions very limited?


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