Guest Users Invite - Sharing on this site is disable by owners

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Members of a site are not able to invite  guests with below settings

Org and Site Collection Level Sharing - New and Existing Guests


Site Sharing Settings - Site Owners and Members can share files, folders, and the site.......


Azure AD External Collaboration - Member users and users assigned to specific admin roles can invite guest users including guests with member permissions


Error message received:


What are we missing?


Thank you!



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What settings do you have when you click in the "Change how members can share" link available in the site permissions panel? It might happen someone (an owner) just enabled the option "Only site owners can share files, folders and the site" causing the behavior you are seeing

@Juan Carlos González Martín - The settings allow members to share, below screenshot for your reference. and the user who is inviting guests is added under site members group.



@ChristianJBergstrom - I have checked these settings, and they allow external sharing by a member. I am able to invite guests as owners, just not as members.

@Juan Carlos González Martín and @ChristianJBergstrom - Are you able to share externally via SharePoint as a member of the site?