Guest expiration doesn't remove a Folder sharing link

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Hey all,

Issue: I've just tested removing access to a folder manually (Site permissions -> Guest expiration -> Remove access), yet external members can extend their own access using the original authentication email continuously, it just sends a new code every time and they just pop back in the 'Access expiration' pane. Now, I can remove access manually from the 'Share' option and this works, but access needs to be removed automatically.

Background information: I'm currently working on a flow to grant access to a folder in a SharePoint library. External users submit a form, it goes through the approval process and then I'm using the 'Grant access to an item or a folder' action to provide access based on their details. The access needs to be set for 30 days, afterwards expire automatically. The flow runs successfuly and creates a 'Specific people' sharing link with that user. 


Question: Does the 'Expiration of Guest access' actually removes the link? Is there any way to stop sharing these files automatically?

Thank you for any suggestions,

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