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Hello everyone. 


I want to create a sharepoint list that gives specific items for specific items. My goal is to get e mail adresses of people when I write their names. For instance if I write xyz in the name column I want to get e mail adress of xyz automatically in the e mail column. 


Any ideas how can I do that?

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So what happens if you have 2 people with the same name?

@X10933333333 I don't think I completely understood your question. From what I understood, you can create a Person column and select 'Work Email' for display. When creating a new item, you can lookup the person by their name, once data is saved, email will be displayed in list view.


If you want a separate column with email information, you can use a simple power automate to lookup the user and fill in their email information as well.




By name I mean name and surname: I want to write Rob Elliott and want to get rob elliott's e-mail that I have defined before.
My question is still, what if you have 2 Rob Elliotts? You have to have some way to deal with that.
Actually I want to do that for my power apps project. I want to show name selection list to the user. The aim is to sending an e mail based on the name and surname information provided by the user. Currently I offer name and e mail options together but this is not something user friendly.
That is not the case that I try to overcome. I will not store millions of people's information. It will serve arround 100 people.
If you use a people picker field, you don't need to capture email separately. You can utilize the user identity from people picker to send email.

yes but I don't use send e mail screen on power apps, I created a normal canva and picked e mail adresses from the sharepoint list. @Bharath Arja 

@X10933333333 If you are using person or group column in SharePoint, you can easily get the email address from same column inside power apps.


Don't use two separate text fields for user name & email because they are chances users may enter wrong name or email. So it's always better to user person or groups column. It also shows the user suggestions while entering the data in the field.


Example: If you are showing the data in gallery inside power apps, you can show the email address from person or group column in label control by setting its "Text" property to: 






Replace "PersonOrGroupColumnName" with name of your person or group column. 

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