Grouping documents alphabetically, by date, etc.

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I have a document library which is grouped by a column named "Year". This is set on the document's details and could contain values like 2022, 2021, 2020, etc. The groupings are set in the document library details page:



I want to add a subgrouping (within the year grouping) but it appears I can only add it based on the column. I was wondering if I can make this group alphabetically (e.g. 1 group has files starting from A to E, then F to J, then K to R, etc.) or when the file is created (e.g. from Jan.2022 to Apr.2022, etc.)






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@JasonYeung I don't think this is possible in SharePoint. Grouping and subgrouping in SharePoint only works with the existing columns in the list/library.


You can try adding grouping on created date column in library OR you can create a calculated column based on library which will give you month of Created date and then add grouping on that column.

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Thanks for your help!