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Hi Guy's,


I don't profess to be a SharePoint guru, but I need so assistance.


We setup 3rd party cloud backup for a tenant which included several SharePoint sites which therein contained much of the company data. Upon review of the backup results, we found one "Group Site" was missing, no data for same. Upon further investigation we found that the 365 Group that the site was created/connected to was missing. In the GUI when you check the properties of the site, there is a message in yellow banner "We could not find the Microsoft 365 Group connected to this site".


In discussions with the customer, they explained the site had been accidently deleted many years ago when setting up and Microsoft had recovered this for them. So, in short it appears that the site was recovered and not the 365 group. We have checked and the group does not exist and recovering the group is not an option as this was years back.


Simple logic would say to create a replacement group and connect this to the site; however, I do not know if this is even possible or the ramifications of such.

Can anybody advise of the process or best way to resolve this situation?


Thanks, in advance.

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@LF_Jetonline I think this article will help you 


This is common issue, I am usually not using PowerShell but you can find PowerShell in case you have many sites :smile:


We could not find the Microsoft 365 Group connected to this site - Microsoft 365 Today



Thanks @Jennifer_Wilson 


I have seen this article however from the SharePoint admin the properties (the Cog) do not load.

Maybe it might work via PowerShell??

have you ever used this script? If there anything lost on the site? I will have to research but I assume the Disconnect-SPOSite doesn't return it to a classic site or similar and content is lost before reconnecting?


Thanks again for your input appreciated, more than MS support were willing to offer.

No it doesn't
Can anyone comment, am I missing something or doing something wrong. Whilst this script looks like it is exactly what I need to achieve, I cannot find Connect-SPOSite or Disconnect-SPOSite cmdlets. Are these still valid?
Thanks in advance.