Good way of building sharepoint list for car rental

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Hello to all,


Can you advise me a good way of creating sharepoint lists for car rental company for 200 cars?

There should be short info of each car, it should be possible to add event like hire period,accident, repair info so if you click on a particular car from a list you can see short info and you can check history of that car. I'd be grateful for any tips on how to get started

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@lukaszp89 the front end needs to be Power Apps with (probably) several SharePoint lists behind it.


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Building a SharePoint list for car rental is an efficient approach for managing vehicle inventory, reservations, and customer data. It provides a centralized platform for seamless organization and accessibility. Integrating features like Online car auction can enhance functionality, offering a dynamic marketplace for buyers and sellers. With SharePoint's versatility, businesses can streamline operations and maximize opportunities in the competitive car rental industry.

@lukaszp89 if you need any more details about how to do this with Power Apps and SharePoint just shout.


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