Glitch when creating Sharepoint list from Excel

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I've been trying to create a Sharepoint list from an Excel spreadsheet, and I keep having a problem with one column. The column contains mostly numbers, but they are not formatted very consistently. Some records have additional characters like #, / or -, which is not a problem for me.


However, if I choose "Number" as the data type for that column in Sharepoint, I get errors on the records that contain non-numeric characters, and the entire list isn't converted. If I first convert the column to Text or General format in Excel, then choose "single line of text" as my Sharepoint data type, the list isn't created at all. After a few seconds it says that the process is 100% complete, but no list is created.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Encountering the same issue. Added reply to follow along.

@Lizabeth Stevens 
Here same behavior trying to create a list from an online excel with +15000 rows. 


process is 100% complete, but no list is created and pop up gives no alternative to close or cancel or back.