Glitch when creating Sharepoint list from Excel

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I've been trying to create a Sharepoint list from an Excel spreadsheet, and I keep having a problem with one column. The column contains mostly numbers, but they are not formatted very consistently. Some records have additional characters like #, / or -, which is not a problem for me.


However, if I choose "Number" as the data type for that column in Sharepoint, I get errors on the records that contain non-numeric characters, and the entire list isn't converted. If I first convert the column to Text or General format in Excel, then choose "single line of text" as my Sharepoint data type, the list isn't created at all. After a few seconds it says that the process is 100% complete, but no list is created.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Encountering the same issue. Added reply to follow along.

@Lizabeth Stevens 
Here same behavior trying to create a list from an online excel with +15000 rows. 


process is 100% complete, but no list is created and pop up gives no alternative to close or cancel or back.

I started to reply to this thread echoing the same issue; 1) error when importing certain columns as numbers, then freezing when importing all columns as Single Line Of Text. But whilst typing the list eventually finished importing. My spreadsheet was 4540 rows long, so maybe it's just an issue of waiting long enough?
Waiting longer helped me as well. Not sure why it says 100% complete when it's not, but after letting it sit for a few minutes while I did something else seemed to work--it was all imported and the status window was gone when I checked back.



I'm having the same problem.

Create List from Excel.

Says 100% Complete., but nothing happens.


Typical Microsoft Status Bar flat out lying to us again...

... I mean, why say 100% complete if it's no where near complete!?

Come on Microsoft - sort this cr*p out.