Give helpdesk users temporary permissions on a SharePoint site \ document library

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Hi everyone,


Is there a way to mimic Azure PIM to SharePoint sites and document libraries?

What we are trying to achieve is: A request for SharePoint document library permissions is sent to the helpdesk, the IT guy who handles it sends a request to the manager to give him temporary access to the site as admin with owner permissions to do what is required for a limited time. After the limit expires the permissions are revoked automatically.


I hope I explained my question and hope someone has a solution of sorts... I tried giving SharePoint admin role and test but since the admin doesn't have any permissions to the site I can't do anything within the site.


I know people can change the permissions themselves, but most users send us the requests to change the permissions. This is the preferred way for us to work.


Thanks in advance, Rahamim.

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Hi @RahamimL ,

to my knowledge, this is not supported yet. 


You can however, share the link with expiration date. You probably already know this.