Getting wrong files/folder list from Sharepoint sites REST APIs

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I have been trying to pull Sharepoint documents using MS-Sharepoint REST APIs. And I am able to pull the list of files and folders from an account. All the Sharepoint APIs and setup to pull the Sharepoint data are working fine.

Sharepoint documentation:


But the issue is, it is working perfectly fine with our Sharepoint account. And when another user tried to integrate Sharepoint with their account's credentials, It gives the 200-Ok response but with the wrong files and folder list - I know this is strange. But it seems like API is pointing to the wrong filesystem location. Because API should return the details of a PDF file, which is only uploaded a file in that Sharepoint account for testing but is returning the "Forms" root folder with some .aspx file in it.


The only main difference between a working account and a non-working one: In the working account, I am pulling the Sharepoint file/folder directly from the account drive. Unlike in non-working accounts, we are pulling info Sharepoint sites.


I have referred to this link to create the setup to integrate Sharepoint:


The enclosed screenshot is from the not-working account where it is showing the wrong files/folders listing instead of the PDF file which is the only file in this account.


I also attached the screenshot of a Postman request to pull the files list from a Sharepoint account.

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