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I'm very new to SharePoint and a lot of things are very confusing. I'm looking to import values from a certain SharePoint list into another SharePoint list, ideally without the use of Power Automate. In an ideal world, the values that are imported have been created in the last 24h (which means I need a dynamic import as new values can always appear). Lastly, there will be a column for feedback. If that column is still empty after a week, that is no feedback was provided, I would like for the values to be deleted. Is that possible through SharePoint only? If not, Power Automate? If it's possible, how can I do that?

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@TemporaryUser This is not possible using SharePoint out of the box capabilities.


You can do such operations using Power automate flow. You can use a scheduled flow which will read items from one list and move it to other list.


You can use another scheduled flow to check if there is no feedback for item and then delete it. Check below links for more information:

  1. Run flows on a schedule 
  2. SharePoint connector - actions : Check all actions supported by Power automate using SharePoint connector

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