Getting different parts of a document library to show for different pages of a SharePoint site?

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Hi there,

Im really struggling with the above issue. I'm trying to get the sites document library to show the contents of different folders depending on the page the viewer is looking at however even though I have tried to set up a different view preset it seems to just keep the standard

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Hello @TheIrishWill 


i don't know if it work view views.


I have created it with PnP Modern Search to view elements from a specific folder:


Best, Dave

This should definitely work with different views. Just be sure to select the view in the doc lib web part on the page and click Apply before saving the page. I do this all the time with no issues. You can choose a specific folder in the doc lib web part as well. You probably already did this, but I have forgotten to click Apply in that web part sometimes and then realize why it didn’t work!