Getting 429 error while crawling through Mcf

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Hi All,


We are crawling SharePoint site via Manifold cf connector.

While crawling we are getting 429 error randomly in all environment and not able to crawl properly.

Please help here on this.

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429 error indicates that you are exceeding the rate limits set by the SharePoint server. SharePoint imposes certain limitations on the number of requests that can be made within a specific time frame to prevent abuse and ensure fair usage of resources. To address this issue and avoid 429 errors, here are a few suggestions: Review the SharePoint API documentation: Familiarize yourself with the SharePoint API documentation and guidelines to understand the rate limits and any specific recommendations or restrictions they have in place. Implement a delay or backoff mechanism: Modify your crawling process to introduce a delay between requests. This can help ensure that you stay within the allowed rate limits. You can use a retry mechanism with increasing delay intervals (known as exponential backoff) when receiving a 429 error. Optimize your crawling strategy: Assess your crawling strategy to determine if there are any optimizations that can be made. For example, you can prioritize high-value content, reduce unnecessary requests, or implement incremental crawling to only fetch updated or new content. Leverage batching or pagination: Instead of making individual requests for each item, consider using batch requests or pagination techniques. These methods allow you to retrieve multiple items in a single request, reducing the overall number of requests made to the SharePoint server. Throttle your crawler: Implement a throttling mechanism within your crawler to ensure that it adheres to the rate limits set by SharePoint. This can involve monitoring the number of requests made within a specific time period and adjusting the crawl speed accordingly. Monitor and handle exceptions: Continuously monitor the response codes and exceptions returned by the SharePoint server. Implement appropriate error handling and logging mechanisms to track any recurring issues and troubleshoot them effectively.