Get email/phone from a creted by field in a list

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I have SP2016 classic view. I don't have Power Automate

I'm creating a list where some people add new items.

People managing the list want a view with more fields like email, phone from the people who created the items.

Is there a way to populate some email and phone fields for the managing view, from the people who created the items ?

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Hello @AScheltens 


I could imagine two ways (but both not tested, only ideas...)

1. You can use a JSLink with additional information from the created column. Here are more information:


2. Create a SharePoint Designer Workflow to fill additional columns with the values.


Hope this helps to give you ideas, how you can realize that.


Good luck, Dav

Thank you for taking time to answer.
I'll give a try !


Edit : tested with wkf, it works fine !