Generate auto-increment, unique ID dependent of other field in SharePoint/Microsoft Lists

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Hi there,


I'm working to generate an auto-increment, unique ID dependent of a different field within the same SharePoint/Microsoft List.


Currently, our users are allowed to assign Status = Vetted, Planning, TestingComplete, OR Cancelled when entering an item's information.


When users update the status from "Vetted" (default) to "Planning" or create a new item under the "Planning" status, we'd like for a unique ID (i.e. 22-00#) to be generated.


I plan to use this solution to achieve the generation of a unique ID (denominated Project Number in screenshot below), but I'm still missing the dependency portion.


Any guidance it's greatly appreciate it :smile:



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Hi Jenna,

I suggest to use a flow to achieve this. You can easily create one that triggers on an item created or changed event and use for instance a date property and the ID of the listitem to generate a unique ID. In the flow you can also build a check to verify the planning state.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more info to achieve this.