Generate anonymous files links for a whole sharepoint site documents (kind of anonymous FTP server)

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Actually, we have an FTP server allowing to download "ADOPTED" documents anonymously, and the web site of our customer delivers, to any surfer, links to the FTP "ADOPTED" documents. It works perfectly. "ADOPTED" documents means that the documents are "public" and anyone can access them.


Our office is now moving to Office 365.

We uploaded all "ADOPTED" documents to a sharepoint site called "ADOPTED". 

We setup the "ADOPTED" sharepoint site for anonymous access and it works perfectly - this is a document sample:


We then exported to excel (sharepoint integrated feature) the files list and we received a list of links to access the documents. Great. But the links defined in the excel file require in any case the user to be identified by Microsoft even if anonymous access is given to the whole site. We were expecting the links in the excel file to be anonymously accessible without identification.


After many tests, and search, it seems that the only way to be able to directly access the documents without identification is to create manually an anonymous link for each file, file by file … quite a big stupid job. So we search and found information about how to create programmatically files anonymous links (but we did not tested it yet)


So we are now looking for a tool or a powershell script, allowing the anonymous file link creation recursively through the whole sharepoint “ADOPTED” site. The tool should as well list in a TXT file, or CSV file, the shared file path, the file name and the anonymous link.


Any idea?


Thanks for any answer that could help us.




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Yes any link needs an anonymous link assigned to it to let s anon user in. There is no such thing as a blanket anonymous access.

If you need to have each link have a direct link instead of just having people first go to the anonymous link and navigate then you can look into flow.

Flow has actions to create sharing links when files are created in a document library. Then you could also add actions to have those links paste or appears a text file or whatever else you want.