Future of SharePoint on Premise - Beyond Version 2019

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just a quick question - does anyone know if there is an official statement about the on prem version of future SharePoint?


Will there be a new on prem Version after SharePoint 2019?


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So far Microsoft has not said that SP 2019 is the last OnPrem version of the product, so it seems we should have a new version at some point

@Juan Carlos González Martín what about the fact that there will be no more PnP PS for SharePoint onprem development, should this be a sign that there will be no future SharePoint onprem?

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Stefan Goßner pointed me to an article that addresses the forthcoming release of the next SharePoint Server in the second half of 2021. See tech community article.

@AZGTmember ok, thanks, it looks like a new version it's coming accordingly to that article, but not much information since then.