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We use a SharePoint Server 2016 solution in our organisation. Some crucial features/functions are only available in Internet Explorer and not in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. For example the possibility to open SP library content in File Explorer or copying content from SP lists in "Quick editing mode" and paste it in a document. As Internet Explorer seems to be about to shut down or not being supported, I wonder if something will be done to make these features available in other browsers?
/Bo from Sweden

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I'm unsure about the quick editing feature. However, we've been using OneDrive sync to replace the 'open in explorer' feature you're referring to.


If you go to a document library and press the 'Sync' button, it will add a shortcut in your file explorer to that library. Seems to work in much the same way and saves users having to navigate through their browser to access files.


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Very unlikely, there is an upgrade path to Edge so there will not be any functionality built into other browsers due to IE being retired. The open in File explorer specifically is not available in SharePoint Modern so this feature has effectively been deprecated in newer versions of SharePoint. 

@Toby McDaid 

Thanks! I will try that. But our "old" on-premises solution doesn't work seamless with all Office 365 apps so we will see if it works.

@Andrew Hodges 

Thanks for the answer! I understand that we soon must take the step to SharePoint online by many reasons.