Full Width no longer working on custom web parts

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Good morning,


Just seeing if anyone has experienced web parts not displaying full width any longer in the last few months. We have a couple custom web parts built in SPFx, both of which have "SupportsFullBleed" enabled. They rendered correctly for a year or so but recently stopped rendering full screen. Odd enough, when editing the SharePoint page, they display full width. When the page is published and live, they no render narrow.


Appreciate any insight or "yeah we're experiencing that too". Thanks!

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Yep we are seeing that same behaviour in older custom web parts. Same experience, editing the page shows it as full width but then the page itself is aligned next to the sidebar menu leaving whitespace across the right hand side of the page. Most frustrating, we are hoping this is a bug and MS are looking into why the web parts don't at least align in the center of the whitespace!